How to Get Free Robux with OPRewards?

Before we start talking about OPRewards, we need to understand what is Robux and the concept behind it. And, to understand Robux you need to have a little understanding about Roblox. Roblox is one of the most popular games right now and millions of people play it every day. Not only you can play games here but you can also make the worlds of your dreams and share it with others so they can join and play in your world.  You can create these games with the help of a tool known as Roblox Studio. And to gain access to the Roblox Studio you need to have a game pass that you can buy for a monthly or a yearly fixed price.

Now that we know what is Roblox, we need to understand the concept of Robux. Robux is virtual in-game currency used by the players to buy props, decals, and items for their in-game avatars. You cannot buy those things with real money. But what you can actually do is to buy Robux from the Roblox website and then use it to buy in-game items.

But we know not everyone has the money and the resources to buy robux. In come websites like OPRewards whose sole purpose is to help those in times of need of Robux but don’t have the resource to buy Robux legitimately. 

What is OPRewards?

Free Robux

OPRewards is not a place that gives you free Robux. Neither it’s a free robux generator.  It is a website that helps us to earn points. When we think we have earned enough points we can select the cash-out option. When we do click the cash out option it will give us an option to choose the game or the platform of our choice where we want to cash-out. The screen is going to look something like this:Robux

How does OPRewards work? 

You don’t have to finish any surveys or answer any questions. It will ask you to open an app and you get certain points for opening that particular app. You can just mess around with the app, look at some of the functions of the app and if you wish to delete the app, you can do it after 5 or 10 minutes. Then you can accumulate all those points and cash out.

What can you do with the points earned? 

You can do whatever you like. You can buy in-game items with the Robux you have earned. You can use it to show off to your friends the, bigger the number of Robux, the bigger the fame. Let me remind you this is not robux hack. It’s just another way of earning free Robux without losing your account or getting banned. 

Is it real? Yes it is

Yes, it’s real. The reason being they don’t ask you to share the usernames of your passwords. They don’t ask you to do any surveys, they also don’t ask for any kind of human verification. Then you have other factors as well,  you can ask around any user of OPRewards and they will say that they have earned free Robux in return of using those apps.Robux


  • Go onto
  • Sign into your account
  • Click on any game you want to join
  • Roblox will download , install and configure itself based on your operating system

$4.99 => 400 Robux

$9.99 => 800 Robux

$19.99 => 1,700 Robux

$49.99 => 4,500 Robux

$99.99 => 10,000 Robux

  • Buying from Roblox website
  • Visiting websites like OPRewards, Giftjunkie, generator etc
  • Downloading apps like Cash for Apps, Freerobux App
  • Affiliate Program
  • Entering giveaways


OPRewards is a god send for people looking for free Robux. It’s not a free robux generator and neither it’s a scam. It just built for people who are falling short for money and cannot buy Robux legitimately. Hope this guide helped you to gain insight on OPRewards.


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