Is Roblox Builders Club worth it? Know why?

You play Roblox and you have been jealous of some your friends getting access to functionalities you don’t have. You want to have the same benefits as them but you don’t know how? Well, we will tell you all about it and then some more.

What is Roblox Builders Club?

Roblox Builders Club is the exclusive membership system for the Roblox players. You have to pay to get access to the Builders club and you get certain features and functionalities along with free Robux. It’s not necessary to have access to the Builders club to play the Roblox game but we will talk about what extra features you get by being part of the Builders Club and why you should be a part of it as well.

Tiers of Roblox Builders Club

There are three Roblox Builders Club tiers:

  • Classic – $5.95 per month
  • Turbo – $11.95 per month
  • Outrageous – $19.95 per month Robux generator


So let’s say you don’t have access to the Builders club and want to join more than 5 groups at once. Well, you can’t because that’s a feature only reserved for Roblox Builder Club members. If you are a classic member you will be able to join 10 groups. If you are a turbo member you will be able to join 20 groups, and if you are an outrageous member you will be able to join 100 groups. So let’s simplify that for you:

  • Classic–   upto 10 groups
  • Turbo–   upto 20 groups
  • Outrageous–   upto 100 groups

Not only that, but you also get to get to create your groups that others can join as well.

Free Robux

You must be saying that this not free Robux because you are paying for it. Well you are technically correct but if you were to buy Robux, you would have to pay these prices: Free Robux

But you don’t get any other benefits from the Builders Club. Just by logging in every day you get these amount of Robux every month:

  • Classic – 450 Robux (Worth ~$5)
  • Turbo – 1050 Robux (Worth ~$12.50)
  • Outrageous – 1,800 Robux (Worth ~$22.50)

There is also a website: generator that also acts as a free robux generator. This is not a Robux hack of any kind. You just need to fill in the do some surveys without any human verification and get paid in free Robux.

Browse without Ads

Like we have seen on other parts of the internet if you are not paying for a subscription service you are going to get served with ads like you have never seen before and the same is true for Roblox. I recommend that if you don’t like seeing ads then this Builders club membership is made for you.Robux

Sell items and props

If you want to trade or sell items in the Roblox world, you need to have the Builders club membership. There is no other way around it. When other players buy items from you, you get paid in Robux and if you have got lots of Robux plus you are also in the outrageous club member you can exchange the Robux for real money.

Access to Beta Features

If you are a member of any club you get to test beta features which is another nifty exclusive for the Builders club members. Not all games give you the chance to test Beta features but Roblox does.


We have tried to share all the exclusive features that Builders club provides so if you are looking to jump into the Builder Club, I hope this guide helped you to make an informed decision. Already a member of the Builders Club? Share your comments below.

Yes, it does. The cheapest club membership gives you 15 free Robux every day.

If you are member of the outrageous club, you get 60 robux per day.

You can either buy the Builders club membership from Roblox or you can generate gift cards from websites like Giftsjunkie and then redeem those gift cards by buying the Builders Club membership.


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